10,000 IFAs will benefit from this industry-first training program



Dear Friends,

At the outset, let me wish you a very Happy Diwali and a prosperous new year! On the day of Lakshmi Puja, I am sure you will resolve to not only attain prosperity for your family but also for all your client families as well!

The festival of lights for professionals in the financial advisory business has a very different meaning - it is not just the lighting up of lamps and illuminating our homes, but equally lighting up our minds and illuminating our intellect and our wisdom. In this endeavour, on the auspicious occasion of Deepavali, I am very pleased to announce an industry-first training program from Aditya Birla Sun Life MF, which will cover over 10,000 IFAs by March 2019.

Advanced Financial Goal Planner program

Our new Advanced Financial Goal Planner program will impart four essential skills within a comprehensive 1 day program, all of which are highly essential for IFAs:

  1. Ability to deliver goal based planning for your clients

  2. Understanding your clients' Money Personality

  3. Advanced financial mathematics to help resolve complex client situations, and

  4. Understanding of estate planning to guide your clients' wealth transitions


Our successful CFGP program covered over 6,000 IFAs and put them onto the road of goal based planning for their clients. What is truly unique about our new AFGP program is the introduction of "Know Your Money Personality" - a module that goes far beyond a standard risk profiling exercise, into the exciting domain of financial psychology.

Know Your Money Personality

You might have come across someone who always insists on picking up the bill at social gatherings? Their extreme generosity may not stem from huge wealth, but from status anxiety.

Maybe you are sort of person who obsessively checks your bank balance or investment portfolio? You may feel like a financial champion, but in fact, you could be overcompensating for a lack of control elsewhere in your life.

Perhaps you consider yourself a budgeting champion because you are so good at grabbing bargains online. Yet if discounts drive you to spend money on things you don't need, your shopping habits could signify loneliness, or a lack of self-esteem.

You would have also observed that "Behaviours' around money have become more extreme than a generation ago"

Why does money seem to work so well in some people's lives and yet act as a destructive force in others? Well it depends upon the Money Personality of an Individual.

Money Personality is the attitude and feeling of an individual about money. It has a profound impact on how an Individual Earns, Spends, Saves and Invests money. It also impacts an individual's desire to be involved in the money management process like some individuals are very involved in the money management process and desire great deal of control over money management while on the other hand some want to be minimally involved. So, for the process and outcomes to be more satisfying the individual's preference should be built into the investment plan Wealth Advisors create for their client. The second key trait that can be ascertained with the money personality is an individual's comfort level with the risk.

The biggest benefit for Wealth Advisors in knowing their client's Money Personality enables them to understand their clients in a way which few questionnaires can deliver. This is particularly important if advisors want their client to take responsibility for their own actions, and work together to bring desirable and favourable change and accompanying outcomes.

The money personality test which is the part of the Advanced Financial Goal Planner (AFGP®) Certification would answer some of the key questions about the money personality of your clients.

How they think and act with money?

How they invest their money and what investments they have most preferred and why?

How content they are with their money?

How to determine which personality traits are assets and which are liabilities?

The depth of awareness delivered in Money Personality's friendly and light-hearted way will enable the wealth advisor and their client to know which parts of advice they will like and run with, and which parts they will need greater focus and accountability with.

Who can enrol for AFGP?

The good news is that AFGP is not only open for our 6,000 CFGP certificants, but also for every IFA who is empanelled with our fund house. If you are already a CFGP certificant, you can benefit from the quick refresher module and then look forward to building on that with the rest of the modules of AFGP. If you did not participate in CFGP - no worries - the refresher will bring you up to speed on the essentials of goal based planning and then take you further into the exciting domain of Money Personality, the intense domain of advanced financial mathematics and the business-critical domain of estate planning essentials.

We are gearing up to certify over 10,000 IFAs. We will be rolling out AFGP programs in over 100 locations across the country. If you are interested in participating in this industry-first comprehensive training program that combines numbers with psychology, connect with your Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC relationship manager today!

Happy learning and once again, wish you and your family a very happy Diwali!

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