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Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC introduces Smart Assistant - a tiny intelligent voice bot that promises to change the way investors learn in this tech enabled world. A.Balasubramaniam, CEO, Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC launches Smart Assistant at ABSL MF's NiveshMahakumbh in Guwahati



I am very happy to connect with all my distributor friends through Wealth Forum to share with you another innovation that we have recently launched to help you in your investor education efforts - called Smart Assistant.

Smart Assistant is a voice-controlled assistant. This tiny-intelligent voice bot has been trained to understand Mutual Fund concepts and how investing works within the Mutual Fund industry. Any individual with a query or a doubt can approach the Smart Assistant bot and gain answers. This changes investor education from a one-way communication to a two-way conversation. It also frees potential and existing investors from the fears of asking questions in a public forum to a more intimate question and answer session.


You can see from the picture above just how tiny our intelligent Smart Assistant is. Don't go by size - this pint sized dynamo packs in a wealth of information that your clients and prospects will find very useful! Out of over 400 frequently asked questions that we face in all our investor programs, we created a list of over 100 most frequently asked questions and we trained Smart Assistant to give answers to each one of them. It is voice activated - when you start your question with "OK Smart Assistant" and then follow it up with your question, you will get a prompt response to your query from this little master.


Smart Assistant presently understands and responds in English. A Hindi version is currently under preparation and will be launched soon. We plan to install Smart Assistant at every investor education program that we conduct. There are many questions that Smart Assistant can address competently. How do I do KYC? How can I start a SIP? How do I redeem my money? Where do debt funds invest? The list goes on - there are a lot of questions that we either get asked often at our investor programs or are in the minds of investors who are sometimes wary of asking in public - all of which can be handled efficiently by Smart Assistant.

As my friends in the distribution world know very well, our endeavour is to help new and existing investors fulfil their dreams by achieving their financial goals through a better understanding of investing and Mutual Funds. We are constantly on the lookout for better ways to seamlessly communicate with our diverse audiences. In the past few years, we have introduced multi-lingual video explaining concepts, financial goals to serve as reminders in addition to our constant on-ground events. At big events like NiveshMahakumbh, it is not always possible to speak to every visitor personally. So, we looked towards the latest technology to give every individual an opportunity to clarify their doubts and better their understanding of Mutual Funds. This was the driving force behind the development and launch of Smart Assistant.

What we think Smart Assistant can do wonderfully is to arouse curiosity among participants at any investor education session - curiosity to check out what this new gadget is all about and how it can really help investors get better informed. In the process of satisfying their curiosity, investors will get useful information that can help them invest with more confidence. And for presenters who conduct camps with Smart Assistant as their teaching assistant, there's a lot that can be delegated to this little master in terms of explaining the basics, which allows the presenter to spend more quality time with investors on the emotional aspects of investing, which is often what decides whether investors complete their investment journeys successfully or not.

Innovation in Investor education has become a way of life at ABSLAMC. Smart Investors with Smart goals can not only take their Smart Selfie at our Investor Meets now they can chat with our SMART ASSISTANT too. Our endeavour is to create informed investors and empowered channel partners. SMART SELFIE & SMART ASSISTANT would serve our channel partners & investors to get them educated, empowered and engaged well.

I wish every one of my distributor friends a very happy, enlightening and empowering 2018! I look forward to connecting with you in 2018, with many more exciting and innovative education initiatives from ABSL AMC.

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