Breaking all records in the MF industry

K S Rao

Head – Investor Education & Distributor Development

Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC

Nipun – the distributor development initiative of Aditya Birla Sun Life MF spearheaded by K S Rao, has achieved a huge milestone in the first 100 days of this financial year:

100 days - 200 programs – covering 10,000 IFAs

K S Rao takes us through the programs that were conducted in this record breaking effort – programs that you can sign up for in the next 100 days, should they interest you.

Take a look too at the impressive and ever expanding coverage of investor education initiatives that he and his team have rolled out in the last quarter


When we created the Investor Education and Distributor Development unit within Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC, we took upon ourselves a mission that is simply expressed in 5 Es: Educate, Engage, Enrich, Empower, Expand. I have been periodically connecting with you through Wealth Forum to keep you posted on our progress on these 5 Es, to appraise you of new programs that we have rolled out for you and to nudge you to register yourself in any of the array of upskilling and business development programs that we have created for you.

It is with great pleasure that I report to you for the first time in this financial year that we have crossed an important milestone we set for ourselves – within the first 100 days of this financial year, we have completed 200 distributor development programs covering over 10,000 IFAs. I thank every IFA who participated in these 200 programs for giving us an opportunity to engage with them, for enabling us to educate and empower them in our upskilling programs and for participating in business development workshops that can help them expand the market and enrich their clients and themselves.

We have rolled out 5 new modules which have been greatly appreciated by participating IFAs. I would like to take this opportunity to invite all IFAs to these 5 new modules.


While you continue to do yeoman service by reaching out to new investors and guiding them about the benefits of investing in mutual funds, we too are doing our bit in this effort of converting Indian savers into happy investors.


In addition to our ongoing investor education programs that I have already shared with you earlier on the Wealth Forum platform, here are a couple of new programs we recently introduced.

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Nivesh Kumbh continues to spread its reach across the country – reaching Chandigarh and Ludhiana in the last quarter. Samriddhi – our in-house publication is now available on Shatabdi’s Dehi-Chandigarh route, making this the 7th Indian railway route where we have been given exclusive distribution rights to reach out to train passengers with an engaging education format. Investor Hangouts – our education initiative in association with ValueResearch continues to grow from strength to strength, with over 440,000 registrations.

While the first 100 days of this financial year have been eventful and exciting for us, we will endeavour to keep up this tempo through this financial year and will make every attempt to create topical programs that address the need of the hour for our IFA friends and to ensure that we reach out to you, appraise you of these programs and encourage you to participate and benefit from these training and business development interventions. I remain as always, open to your feedback, comments and suggestions on how we can work even closer with you to help you serve your investors better and expand your own businesses faster.

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