Tarakki Champions

Don't pluck the plant every day to see if its roots have grown


Ram Hasyagar, Bangalore

In the last article of our Tarakki Champions series, we showcased middle class families who benefitted from the guidance of Tarrakki Champion International Money Matters. Here, we showcase the story of a successful corporate chief who turned an agriculturist after his retirement. Even the affluent can benefit from financial planning guidance, as Ram Hasyagar tells us in this video.

What's the biggest mistake that investors make - and what in turn is the most valuable lesson he has picked up in his association with a good advisor? Ram Hasyagar says our tendency to expect our investments to always do well is our biggest fallacy. Markets will go up, they will go down - you have to give your investments time to deliver results. You don't pluck the plant every day to see if its roots have grown. Similarly, you shouldn't think of reviewing your investments so often that you do damage to them.


LovaiiNavlakhi (4th from left) and Shweta Jain (3rd from left) receiving their Tarakki Champion award from Nimesh Shah, MD, ICICI Prudential AMC (2nd from left) along with ICICI Pru's sales leadership team and Wealth Forum's Vijay Venkatram

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