Think BIG : Think Retail Debt
CEO's Message
Sundeep Sikka, CEO Reliance Mutual Fund


Mutual funds attract a low single digit share of Indian household savings. What can we collectively do to change this? More of the same? Or think of something different? Something BIG? To win BIG, you need to first Think BIG. To make mutual funds a mainstream savings and investment vehicle for India's aam aadmi, we need to do something BIG.

Reliance Mutual Fund has consistently been at the forefront of Thinking BIG - of coming up with new innovations that have only one aim - to make mutual funds more and more relevant to more and more Indian savers. Gold savings funds, liquid funds with ATM cards, InvestEasy, FAST - these are not just random industry first initiatives - but are part of a coherent strategy aimed at thinking and acting beyond the current boundaries - Thinking BIG in order to make a BIG difference to that small number which represents Indian household savings allocation towards mutual funds.

Lets Think BIG together. Lets work together to win larger and larger shares of our investors wallets.Lets grow our business together, by showcasing how mutual funds can offer a wide range of savings and investment alternatives to suit each and every Indian saver. At Reliance Mutual Fund, we are doing our bit to keep Thinking BIG and keep coming up with category building initiatives. We need your support - the support of our distribution partners - to help investors appreciate the diversity and versatility of offerings that mutual funds provide them - for every stage of their financial lives.

The biggest area in my view where we can collectively make a BIG difference is by showcasing how a wide range of retail debt funds can tangibly add value to investors - whether they are big or small investors, whether they have very short term or very long term investible surpluses. In the Think BIG section of Wealth ForumEzine, Reliance Mutual Fund and Wealth Forum will work together closely to showcase the business opportunity that lies ahead of us as we increasingly embrace Retail Debt funds in a BIG way.

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