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Ranchi IFA aims for Rs. 10,000 crs AuM ND platform

Lallit Tripathi, Vedant Asset Advisors, Ranchi

In a nutshell

Think BIG is all about encouraging and motivating IFAs to grow 10x - to grow exponentially and not incrementally. One IFA who embodies everything that Think BIG stands for, is Lallit Tripathi of Vedant Asset Advisors, Ranchi. He is already a very successful IFA - with an AuM of over Rs.325 crores and a SIP book of over Rs.1.5 crores. But this is just the start of a BIG journey that Lallit Tripathi has chalked out for Vedant.

Lallit's vision is to create a "world class process driven advisory firm", with a national footprint. There is a lot of thought going into creating simple and scalable advisory processes, using a disciplined P/E based investment strategy. He is making a significant investment in creating a unique platform to serve semi-urban and rural markets across India using a very cost effective model. He strongly believes that his low cost model will help him make deep inroads into the under-served semi-urban and rural markets, which have significant savings but little or no access to market oriented investment products. A simple product suite is what he will take into these markets - 1 balanced fund, 1 large cap fund and 1 debt fund. No clutter, no confusion.

In Vedant's plans, there's a financial magazine due for launch this year, which will not only promote financial literacy, but can also serve as a brand ambassador for his firm's national footprint ambitions. Lallit understands clearly the need to not just enhance his team, but to induct like-minded partners with an equity stake in the firm, who share his vision and passion, and who will accompany him in an exciting growth journey in the coming years. Here's a video that Lallit and his team have created, which not only focus his existing team's attention on their growth path, but can be very useful in showcasing Vedant to potential partners.

As you can see from the video, Lallit Tripathi is not just building castles in the air - he's got his growth plans clearly chalked out. He knows where he is headed, he knows what he needs to do to get there, and he has the commitment and the passion to drive himself and his team to accomplish his vision. A fine example of Thinking BIG indeed!

Within a year, Vedant plans to get itself listed on the SME platform - a step that will serve as a springboard for fuelling its growth ambitions. Just how large is Lallit Tripathi's vision? He is very clear that this is not the time for incremental growth - he's already done a lot of that. This is the time for exponential growth. With all the investments of time and effort he and his team are putting in, Lallit believes Vedant should scale up to Rs.5000 cr AuM in 3 years and Rs. 10,000 crores AuM in the next 5 years.

Dare to dream is what entrepreneurs are advised. Lallit Tripathi has dared to dream. Here's wishing him all the very best!

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