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The next BIG growth idea for IFAs

Himanshu Vyapak, Deputy CEO, Reliance Nippon AMC


Yesterday, I took you through the journey of Think BIG and the BIG ideas that we have shared with you each year, each of which have indeed turned out to be BIG business growth drivers. Here is our BIG idea of this year…..

Let's discuss the size of this opportunity first

The MF Industry has displayed stellar growth over the years - at 14.41 Lakh Crores of Quarterly Average AUM as of June 2016, number of folios nearing the 5 Crore mark, the number of SIPs crossing the 100 Lakh milestone, B-15 AUM nearing 2.5 Lakh Crs, the Industry numbers are at historic peak, and growing at a healthy pace. Every reason to rejoice!

While as an Industry we have come a long way, opportunities ahead of us abound, and are much larger. Consider only this fact: Indian individuals hold a whopping 14.5 Lakh Crs only as Cash! (source: RBI) That's the size of the entire MF Industry put together. And every year, there is a fresh cash accretion of nearly 1 Lakh Crs. Another 20 Lakh Crs is in Savings Deposits, typically used by individuals to park short-term funds, earning small interest in the process. The total number of SB account holders is estimated to be 40 Crs. Contrast this with the total investments by individuals in liquid mutual funds - a paltry 25,000 Crs and 3.5 Lac folios - you get the big picture!

What if you are able to play a role in this space - offer alternative solutions to Cash and Savings Deposits? Could you help your investors earn competitive returns? Customers also would like to have immediate access to their funds. Could you address that requirement? Could you simply have better control over your investors' cash flows? By addressing the huge opportunity in this space (35 Lakh Crs), could you become a banker to your investors?


Introducing: Simply Save and Instant Redemption

Simply Save is a mobile application that facilitates instant savings in mutual fund. It would help your investors save their idle money into mutual funds, by just a click of a button. Combining technology and simple process, it allows your investors to conveniently invest into mutual funds.

With Simply Save,

  1. Your customers get the convenience of One Click Investment feature by transferring the predefined money from their Bank account to Reliance Mutual Fund Liquid Fund - Cash Plan / Reliance Money Manager Fund Growth Plan Account with a click of a button.

  2. With equal convenience, your customers can simply withdraw by transferring funds back to Bank Account and there by taking advantage of relatively high return on their surplus/ idle funds.

  3. Your investors can check their Scheme Account balance and Annualized returns on the App with the real time status of all their transactions in the Scheme Account.

The Simply Save App empowers you to compete with saving bank accounts. Savings is the first step towards the journey of wealth creation. Whenever the customers use the Simply Save APP (through folio which is serviced by you), your ARN details is pre-populated and investments automatically captured under your code.

You could introduce the Simply Save App to your existing Customers of Reliance Mutual Fund. You could also use the App to onboard new customers to Reliance Mutual Fund.

With Simply Save, you could:

  1. Target balances in Savings Bank Account

  2. Bring about convenience to your customers

  3. Offer Real-Time Liquidity to your clients

  4. Service your clients at low cost

  5. Ensure your business interest with your ARN hard-coded

At Reliance Mutual Fund, we have introduced an Industry-first initiative: Instant Redemption. The facility would allow your investors to redeem up to 95% of the outstanding amount in their Reliance Money Manager Fund account (subject to a maximum withdrawal of Rs. 2 Lakh) instantaneously. Your investors need not wait for a day (or even more in some B-15 locations) to get credit of their redemptions.


Now, how cool would these two facilities be of help to you to service your clients from across locations, simply, effectively and conveniently! So, go ahead. Recommend the Simply Save App and Instant Redemption facilities to your investors, encourage them to save impulsively, let them earn competitive returns, help them have instant access to their investments, have better control over your investors cash flows, expand your business without additional cost, leverage technology and take a quantum leap in your business.

Best Wishes & Keep Thinking BIG!

Himanshu Vyapak


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