Powerful idea for every IFA association in the country

K S Rao

Head – Investor Education & Distributor Development

Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC


As our industry grows in size, so must the scale of our ideas and thoughts. And so must the effort to make these ideas into wonderful realities. I want to share one such thought that we at ABSL embarked on 3 years ago – our Nivesh Mahakumbhs – and in particular, the latest one in Indore.

Can you imagine a mutual fund awareness event that excites an entire city and results in a packed stadium full of attendees? An event where several hundred had to be turned away as the seating capacity had already been reached? An event that created perhaps as much buzz as a Bollywood show coming to town or a cricket match being played in the city?

Here’s what the power of a big idea and its excellent execution can do:


Jam packed stadium at Indore – no, it wasn’t a cricket match – it was a Nivesh Mahakumbh!


A.Balasubramaniam and K.S.Rao address a gathering of over 5,600 prospective investors

Our Nivesh Mahakumbh in Indore in September 2018 was attended by over 5600 prospective investors – the largest gathering for a mutual fund awareness event in the country so far. This outcome was a result of excellent coordination and team work with the IFA community in Indore, spearheaded by Insurance & Investment Advisors Association, Indore.

What is really useful for every IFA association in the country to note is the effort put in by IIAA to achieve this historic milestone. Let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth – from Rajesh Kulwal, President of IIAA, Indore:

pic301112018 “At IIAA, we were keen to host an event that would make the entire city take notice and drive home two points: first is “Mutual Funds Sahi Hai” and second and equally important – “Mutual Funds ke liye jaaye kahaan”. We were glad that Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC readily agreed to conduct a Nivesh Mahakumbh in Indore as the main event of a week long schedule of awareness activities. In discussions with ABSL team, we first started talking about a target of 1000 attendees – then a thought was floated on why not break all records and shoot for 5000! We readily signed up for a 5,000 target and got to work immediately. We created a video invite for the event and made personalised versions for every IIAA member, to enable all our members to send out these video invites to all their clients and prospects. We sent out over 32,000 invitations, which was then followed up by personal visits. In key areas like Dawa Bazaar, we reached out to the trade body, took their permission to send invitations to all 800 shop owners and then followed it up by visiting every one of the shops, personally inviting them to the event. We roped in local media which supported us very well with good coverage of the upcoming event. When we went on personal calls after the video invites and media coverage, many people instantly recalled our videos and the media coverage, which made the event a “must-attend” in their eyes.
This was a true team effort – not just by every single member of IIAA, but also other IFAs in Indore who pitched in enthusiastically to ensure that we create the maximum possible buzz for mutual funds – a buzz that will ultimately help all of us drive our business growth through proper education and guidance. On the day of the Nivesh Mahakumbh, we were overwhelmed to see a jam packed stadium of over 5600 investors. There were close to 1000 investors who had to be turned back as there was simply no space available to accommodate them. Can you imagine a mutual fund event getting completely sold out?
We followed this mega event up with a series of follow-up events during the rest of the week, to drive our very focussed messages: Mutual Funds Sahi Hai and Advisor Zaroori Hai.”

Friends, I am sure you will agree with me that what Rajeshji has described is a truly amazing execution of a powerful idea. Think of the number of leads that every IFA in Indore would have on his plate at the end of this great initiative. And think of the benefit to thousands of investors, to have an opportunity to reinforce the simple steps to wealth creation and cut out the noise and avoidable confusion that market volatility brings with it.

Our journey of Nivesh Mahakumbhs will continue rolling out across the country. I would like to use this opportunity to urge every IFA association to emulate and build on the great partnership we had with IIAA, Indore to create magic in your own cities.


Our teams will be reaching out to you in all the cities where we are planning our Nivesh Mahakumbhs. We have already lined up next Nivesh Mahakumbh’s in 3 cities (Bhopal, Kolkata, Coimbatore). Let us work together to fill many more stadiums with eager investors, to quench their thirst for wealth knowledge and to lay the foundations for the next leg of growth for all of us – through informed investors and empowered distributors.

We look forward to support you in the mission to create wealth for millions of investors with right wealth of information & knowledge. I would like to sign off this note to my distributor friends by wishing each one of you and your families a very Happy Diwali and a prosperous year ahead!


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