Wise Advice : Value Of Good Advice

Clients interests vs their heirs’ interests

A K Narayan, Chennai, takes us through a challenging client situation he had to handle, where he needed to prioritize between his client’s interests and her heirs’ interests. Stepping in to do what is right for your client when she herself is caught in two minds is where wise advisors like A K Narayan add immense value to their clients.

Wise Advice – a joint initiative between HDFC MF and Wealth Forum – brings you this new set of engaging videos in our new “Value of Good Advice” series. Our belief is that distributors and advisors add significant value in the financial lives of their clients in different ways, in diverse circumstances, and often, by going that extra mile to help their clients in times of need. The Value Of Good Advice series is dedicated to bringing to investors and intermediaries real life case studies where experienced advisors have demonstrated what really is the value of good advice.

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