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Blueprint for success in MF distribution

Mihir Shah, Senior Manager, Learning & Development, HDFC AMC

imgbd HDFC MF's LEAP Certification program covers six engaging modules (Click here to know more) which have been well received by IFAs who have participated in this unique training program. Mihir takes us through the sixth and final program, which helps you develop a blueprint for success in the MF distribution business

Without a doubt you will do well in this profession but you can do it faster if you have the blueprint for success with you. This program will enlarge your vision, add power to your efforts and set you on the path to success. The program discusses step by step action plan to master this business including business model, client management, time management, revenue model, psychology and behavior aspect, sales ideas and lot more in a practical and a powerful way.


This one day program is the final module in this six module program. To know more about each of the modules, click here.


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