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Six most damaging myths busted in a single day

Mihir Shah, Senior Manager, Learning & Development, HDFC AMC

imgbd HDFC MF's LEAP Certification program covers six engaging modules (Click here to know more) which have been well received by IFAs who have participated in this unique training program. Mihir takes us through the fifth program, which helps you bust common myths and handle objections around mutual funds as well as the role of distributors

Myth busting and objection handling

Aim and Overview

This full day program will help to identify the six most persistent and damaging myths. There will be a way shown and discussed as to how one can handle these myths. The program will also help you to tackle two different levels of objections, those that concern the asset classes and returns and those that concern the advisor and his advisory business.



At the end of the program, the participants will be able to :

  1. Empower themselves to take a LEAP to the next level in growing their business.

  2. Recognise and handle all myths and objections with confidence and assurance.

  3. Convert many uncertainties into opportunities.


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