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Category Shares & Bond
Name Hiten Shah
Company Name Hiten Shah
City & State Pune, Maharashtra
ARN Number
Email ID smart_hiten@yahoo.co.in
Mobile No 9850156185
Title Physical Shares Specialist
Offer Details Subject: “Converting Physical Shares into Demat format”. One of the unique services offered by us is undertaking the job of Converting Physical Shares into Demat format. We undertake following work in Professional Way: 1. Simple work of Converting Physical Shares into Demat format by filling Demat Request Form (DRF) form. Addition/ Deleting /Altering order of name in share certificates as per Demat account. 2. In case of death of one of holder deleting the name from certificate and getting certificates on the name of existing holder/name of holder as per Demat account. 3. If certificates lost: Doing Affidavit , Indemnity Bond , Police complaint and Notarization of the same, and getting New Certificates. 4. Signature Mismatch: Due to passage of time signature might have changed. To get the new signature registered with the company by giving affidavit/ Bank Manager’s certification for changed signature, notarization from Notary. 5. Split / Consolidation of shares: Where companies has changed Face value of shares, getting shares of new Face Value Shares in lieu of old shares and Demat of the same. 6. Merger of Company: Where two or more companies are merged into one new company, to get shares of new company in new ratio and Demat the same. 7. Both / Single Holder expired : To get indemnity cum affidavit duly notarized from successor/s and getting share transferred in the name of one/more successors and Demat of the same. 8. Change of Address: In any / the entire case if Investor’s address has changed, to register new address with company by providing new address proof with the help of notarized documents. 9. Partly paid certificates: To get fully paid certificate on old certificates for fully paid and Demat of the same. I hope my services will be very useful to your shareholders who want this type of consultancy. I earnestly request you to give my reference wherever you feel necessary.
About Us I ,HITEN ASHOK SHAH ,a well known Financial Advisor based in Pune offering services like Share Broking, Mutual Funds, Company Deposits, Insurance, Financial Planning, Portfolio Management etc. I am also on the Board of Director of “Pune Investments Advisors Association”. I have been regularly interviewed and my articles appear in Local Newspapers, Business Magazines like. Wealth Forum and Cafe Mutual etc. CNBC TV 18 has specially awarded me for the same" SERVICE EXCELLENCE AWARD " & "YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR" Award.
Date 06/02/2014

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