MFuniversa Platforms from AMFINo. of comments:28 Shahaji Babar, KARAD Maharashtra, 107978 On 13-Dec-2017

Many of us are using various MF Platforms for our transactions& also paying Yearly fees ranging from 9000 to 25000.Now time has come that in discussions with MF Advisors AMFI select the best platform or create a new platform that will be most useful& costing anything between 2000to 3000. It will be very helpful for both as Advisors will get best technology,AMFI Will get new way for earning as 25000 AdvisorsĂ— 2000 = 50000000 (5 Crore) per year. At lowest cost of Rs 2000 per year.It will be awin win situation for both as whatever we are paying goes to our Mother Association also AMFI gives us back top technology & earns 5 Crore which will be used for betterment of MF Industry. I request all my Advisor friends to share their more& more views so that it reaches to top AMFI functionaries & comes into reality

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rajeev kumar garg ARN NO :26506 delhi, 11 Mar 2018

not good because bse star mf was giving its terminal free of cost to ifa near two month before so it must be also provide us free of cost to ifa so ultimate benefit to amc so they charge from amc


It is a very good proposal and it is time AMFI should try to spend sometime to provide a common platform using the best of the softwares available.Some software developers are reaping profits by fleecing the distributors and advisors by collecting hefty annual fees.After all if SEBI wants to protect interest of MF Investors then a cost effective software platform may be made available to distributors.

Anand Jain ARN NO :100748 Virar, 08 Mar 2018

AMFI Must take initiative it well help both industry and intermediaries to grow at faster pace and also save costs of AMCs and IFAs. Request to share it more and more.

p.kanaka Durga ARN NO :31995 chennai, 08 Mar 2018

Pl ptrepare a useful guide for advisors to follow the usage of your platform.

Shyam Gupta ARN NO :4605 CHANDIGARH, 07 Mar 2018

I had given additional purchase in Canara Robeco Balanced Fund for Rs.3 lac on 21st January 2018 in the branch and i asked for cheque in favor of what then they told me write Canara Robeco Mutual Fund so i write it but from there side no response, no refund of cheque, in March i cross check it from their AMC bank they are telling that Payee Name is not correct that is why the cheque bonce and no purchase done, from our side no mistake and AMC not informs us. I am asking you what action we have to take ?

S J KHAN ARN NO :30680 NAGPUR , 07 Mar 2018

Yes Sir, I am with you.

Nagesh K ARN NO :26824 Bengaluru, 07 Mar 2018

Good Morning to all. As one of my distributor friend pointer out, there is already a platform called "MF Utilities". This is a platform promoted by AMFI and all AMC''s. Sadly AMC''s are not actively recommending it. I am one of the user, but not fully using it due to lack of training and have not devoted my time to study the manual and use it. I think it will be better if MF Utilities organises training on the same. But, they require sufficient no. of distributors to attend the same. I do not think it is wise to contribute to AMFI for a new platform. I am against the idea.

Sadanand Thakur ARN NO :46061 Chiplun, 07 Mar 2018

MF Utilities - MFUONLINE.COM is the best platform, which is promoted by AMFI and participating AMC''s. Only few drawbacks are as under which required to be implemented at the earliest: 1) CASTP 2) Step-up/ Increasing SIP facility. 3) Children Gift Fund investment facility 4) Flex SIP/STP 5) Providing API free of cost to distributors for integrating with e-commerce website of distributors. 6) Portfolio Tracker for investors 7) Goal Planning tool with facility to create baskets.

VINEET SHARMA ARN NO :1737 Jaipur , 07 Mar 2018

Good going..

Raju ARN NO :Distributor Mumbai, 21 Feb 2018

Surprising that the initiator of this discussion and many who have commented does not know that MFU is a platform of AMFI. In fact, it is very convenient for use. Where is the need for creating one more. Best part is, MFU is free. Why dont you guys now start using it?

Jayesh Pattani ARN NO :ARN-0728 Porbandar ( Gujarat ), 19 Feb 2018

I think MFU is best solution but there is communication gap or lack oc interest by AMCs even it is creation of AMCs

Sunil Kelkar ARN NO :ARN-107612 Pune, 18 Feb 2018

MF Utilities online platform is the best suited to become an Universal platform for MF transactions. It is a very convenient and user friendly platform. Currently, there are about 28 AMCs participate on MFU. Once all of them participate and some analytics and reports are developed on it, the platform can be a very helpful tool for the distributors as well as the investors.

G.VIJAYA ARN NO :18166 HYDERABAD, 18 Feb 2018


Jayant Sane ARN NO :117730 DOMBIVLI, 18 Feb 2018

Already there are Platforms like BSE StarMF, NSE MF (Exact Name Not aware) and MFUtility. I feel BSEStar MF is good one. Trying t0 subscribe for same online and that process itself is tedious. They want agreement on Rs.200 stamp paper online. All this should be sent by BSEStarMF or MFUtility by courier to be signed by Distributor and sent back to respective offices.


Sir, you are sadly mistaken. We are governed by SEBI and Licensed by AMFI. AMFI is the mother organisation of AMCs and not Distributors. Most of the individual AMCs have their own Distributor APP/ website for transactions and reports. Moreover you have free of cost MFUtility. Please check the same

HGHirur ARN NO :ARN-30558 Hubli, 18 Feb 2018

This is for good for both advisor and amfi

Yogendra Mahto ARN NO :ARN-51333 Delhi, 17 Feb 2018

Dear Sir. There is already MFU Platform which is free of cost . Many of us are using it. I myself is doing mu 99% transactions using MFU platform successfully since its inception.

Chimakurthi Srinivasa Rao ARN NO :1613 TANGUTURU, 17 Feb 2018

Now AMFI is working for Advisers side also. A good one

T Dharmaraj ARN NO :66139 Trivandrum, 17 Feb 2018

It is the need of the hour that AMFI should start a Platform for Mutual Fund Distributors and save us from the clutches of unscrupulous companies offering platforms



jagdish pipalwa ARN NO :68850 howrah, 17 Feb 2018

very good idea sir.

Divyang Luthra ARN NO :117511 Ludhiana, 17 Feb 2018

It''s really good option for us. also as our data of client is also be secure and cost is cheap as we are paying right now

Ramesh Kumar ARN NO :8790 mumbai, 17 Feb 2018

It''s a good IDEA! But the problem is AMFI don''t have expertise in software development if AMFI starts it today it will take 2-3 years to develop a reasonable basic software. It will be better if AMFI outsources it to any good company who have the previous experience in MF CRM like Red Vision Technologies, Accord Fintech etc.

Rushabh Kothari ARN NO :124532 Navsari, 17 Feb 2018

Yes, a great initiative

S NARAYANAN ARN NO :2155 Chennai, 17 Feb 2018

Any annual fee apart from initial fee of Rs 2000/-...?

naraynan sethurao ARN NO :2155 chennai, 30 Jan 2018

MFU Platform for putting through MF transactions....I would like to initiate discussion on the salient features of AMFI platform vs CAMS/Karvy...whether all the report generation and functions that go into the process of doing business is made available to IFAs... I am a distributor since 2002 sept when things were almost Manual. Now, when we all switch over to tech driven applications, it is imperative to choose the best amoung the Lot at relatively cheaper cost. Being a small time distributor, well below Rs.20 Lakhs p.a. income, scaling up business volume is essential to catchup with the trend... Seeking valuable guidance and sharing of experiences from leaders will motivate us to scale up business volumes and serve efficiently our existing and potential clients.....

VISHAL KHANGATE ARN NO :62443 pune, 24 Jan 2018


J. JAIKUMAR ARN NO :99478 chennai, 23 Jan 2018

yes i welcome the proposal

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