Treating investors like thievesNo. of comments:2 Mohamed Bashir, Bharuch, 43657 On 07-Mar-2018

Now AMCs are treating every Indian investor as if they are thief and tax evaders. Minor difference in name i .e. Meena or Mina ,mahesh or mahes - such nominal difference. Nationalised Banks generally on cheque books not printing full name but in short forms and AMCs are returning the request of investors on such flimsy grounds and investors are irritated with problems. Aadhar card issued by Govt.agencies are also not perfect and to the expectation of AMCs. I request AMCs to consider such problems of investors otherwise people may loose interest in MF investments

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B. L. N. Swamy ARN NO :120483 HYDERABAD, 08 Mar 2018

Yes. I myself am facing this spelling mistake problem. When I telephoned to the AMC they want we should make an affidavit and publish in Gazette,which is costly and time consuming and we have to take the help of an advocate by paying him fees. There are instructions from CDSL they can change it by taking a new ID proof but they are not doing.I have left it like that.

Amit johri ARN NO :114126 Nainital, 07 Mar 2018

You r right. I agree with you .currently there is only mutual fund industries which is suffered by this problem.

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