Grandfathering No. of comments:18 Ramesh B, vadodara, 11864 On 08-Jun-2018

we are occupied in new catogarization norms since a quarter. Grandfathering has slipped for the time being. Whether it has been agreed by all MFs to give the value as at 31 jan18 or not is not sure. Cams declared in the matter some time back. But what is the final outcome is not quite known. BNPP just declared that it will mention the same in SOA. What about other MFs/RTAs is not clear. The matter will be crucial in due course. Updates in the matter welcome/requested from all.

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Vasantkumar D Shah ARN NO :ARN 47255 Vallabh Vidhyanagar 388120, 14 Jun 2018

In redemption statement,each AMC may be asked to mention Grandfathering value.

R N Guru Simha ARN NO :2672 Bangalore, 14 Jun 2018

I feel that the RTA should indicate the 31 st January 2018 nav in all equity investments it will give a comfort level to investor and also make distributor/advisor life more easier

J Swaminathan ARN NO :133811 CHENNAI, 13 Jun 2018

Long Term Investor

Ramesh B ARN NO :11864 Vadodara, 13 Jun 2018

an important aspect in the matter. Tax will be applicable in the next year is ok. but on the basis of the gain + or - should be monitored during current year. one may readjust the portfolio on the basis of +/- gain to reduce the threshold looking to the prevailing valuation. review is always ongoing process.

Vineet Kapoor ARN NO :8568 new delhi, 13 Jun 2018

Can you please provide us List of Grandfathering Prices of shares .

vikas dedhia ARN NO :Arn 32147 thane, 13 Jun 2018

grandfathering statement for income tax filling return will be required for 31/03/2019 not now fot this year filling income tax return normal procedure for capital gain is applicable

Debasis Ghosh ARN NO :86918 Kolkata, 13 Jun 2018

Good performance

Sunita Jain ARN NO :5314 New Delhi, 13 Jun 2018

It would be very haelpful if all MFs mention the NAV as of Jan 31, 2018 separately in the statement of accounts of all grandfathered accounts

Sanjay Mittal ARN NO :18862 Ahmedabad, 12 Jun 2018

CAMS already provided the link, not checked Karvy & FT. If the said link do not work, can find under customer services.

Harsh ARN NO :Harsh Mumbai, 12 Jun 2018

Grandfathering is applicable from FY 18-19 onwards. So don’t worry. For the financial year 2017-18 the tax filings will be as per earlier practice.

Doddi Venkata Ramana ARN NO :98484 hyderabad, 12 Jun 2018

Regarding disclosure in SoA, it is the question of intent of the RTAs. But how can AMCs not agree to share the NAV. It is the fundamental disclosure of giving NAV of any date. However I am quite worried about the fact that 31st July being last date for filing ITRs and we do not have capital gains statement ready for the year. the idea of doing it manually scares me.

BINDU KP ARN NO :132154 KOZHIKODE, 12 Jun 2018

Should be mentioned i SOA


I am Individual ARN Holder


should be mentioned in SOA.

Pavan Mundra ARN NO :ARN 138760 Mumbai, 12 Jun 2018

I am indiviual ARN Holder

M d desai ARN NO :9692 Mumbai, 12 Jun 2018

Request to CANS KARVY SUNDARAM AND FRANKLIN To mail list of all clients with valuation as on 31st jan 2018 So it solve all problems rest we can calculate Tks

Rajesh Machhar ARN NO :82591 Mumbai, 12 Jun 2018

Im financial advisor

Sudhish Garg ARN NO :5784 Lucknow, 12 Jun 2018

I m individual arn holder

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