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Narayan Aiyar ARN NO :Angel Bee Mumbai, 26 Feb 2019

Mutual fund investments require in-depth understanding. With all information available online, it is easier to compare different schemes and make an informed decision. Yet, the ones who are new to the investment industry need help to put things in perspective. This is where a mutual fund advisor plays an important role. Who is a mutual fund advisor? They are qualified people who understand your goals and nuances of the fund. They suggest the investors which schemes match their interest. These people must hold a valid certificate from the National Institute of Securities Market (NISM). A fund advisor should be patient to hear out the investor’s needs. Also, the investors need not worry about the fund advisor taking advantage of them. The fund advisors have to comply with the ethical framework called Fiduciary Duty. It is a fund advisor’s responsibility to reveal all the details pertaining to the mutual fund scheme. They should also avoid conflict of interest. Their other duties include: Educating investors on how to achieve their financial goals They should chart out an appropriate strategy based on the risk appetite of investor Once the fund advisor conducts a thorough analysis of the market conditions, they can recommend the investor on which type of mutual fund to go for, i.e. equities, debt, or money market instrument Help investors diversify their portfolio Keep financial details of the investors discreet How different are they from fund managers? There is a massive difference between a fund advisor and fund/portfolio manager. Where a fund advisor guides the investor towards the right mutual fund plan, the fund manager handles the operational part of the portfolio such as when to invest and when not to, depending on the market scenario. For More On Mutual Fund Advisor Visit :

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