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HDFC mutual fund in that case CAMS both are deliberately rejecting application mentioning name is not printed on cheque.when signature is matching on form & cheque then what is point to insisting that name should be on cheque ,same bank are not provided printed cheque bool or saying first you finish old cheque book then we will provide new cheque book. i dont understand why HDFC mutual fund or rather CAMS pressurizing to submit only printed cheque. it is nothing but harassment to client & one more way to trouble IFA community as whole.So more & more client should go as direct. First & basic priority is to match signature, when both sign on form & cheque is same then what is point to again ask for passbook photocopy.I request IFA community to take this matter with AMFI & SEBI .why stringent rules only to MF,why other financial instrument are untouched.

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