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Hello fellow IFAs, Can you please provide your valuable feedback on the most suitable software for IFAs for mutual funds. Something that has good reporting, is stable, data is accurate, service and support is good and has module for AUM reconciliation and Brokerage. Please provide your inputs based on your personal experience. Thank you

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arun ARN NO :852396 indore, 17 Jul 2019

REDVision Technologies provide complete Mutual Fund Software solutions for Financial Planners, Mutual Fund Advisor, Insurance agents, Stock Broker with complete money management facilities where a Advisor can design the complete financial portfolio of a client and set goal with live market tracking called Goal GPS, this system is based on financial planning orientation where a investor can plan his priority and life goals with highest chances to achieve these goals.For more information visit@-

Narayan Aiyar ARN NO :Angel Bee Mumbai, 26 Feb 2019

Mutual funds are an investment vehicle where a bunch of investors pool in the capital. The Asset Management Company (AMC) hired fund manager handles the pool of money and invests them in a variety of investment instruments such as stocks, bonds, and shares. The SEBI manages the mutual funds operations. Mutual funds are further classified as equity, debt, money market, hybrid, open-ended, close-ended, interval, growth, income, liquid, tax-saving, aggressive growth, capital protection, pension funds, and so on. So, there is a mutual fund investment that caters to every investor’s preference, requirement, and goal. How does mutual fund investment work online? With digitisation on the rise, people can invest in mutual funds online as well. All financial institutes’ portals or smartphone apps have a goal planning calculator that helps you find the best scheme based on your inputs such as the goal, your budget, etc. But which software is ideal when you use mutual fund investment online? Companies like Red Vision Tech, ifast, fundbazaar, edelweiss partners, mprofit advisor, optimum fintech, etc. are the best ones to try out. You Can Try It Out Here :

Raman Agarwal ARN NO :60947/Santushti Capital LLP Lucknow, 25 Oct 2018

Though my reply is little off track. I am using a especially designed online accounting software for IFA, which takes care of all my GST/Non GST accounting needs. It is so simple that it takes me only 2 hours a month to fulfill all my needs, be it preparation of Invoice or ledger or any other report. Lot of IFA including me is using this software called "IFACT".

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