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The first lesson in mountaineeringJigar Parekh, Anchor Edge, Ahmedabad

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Key Take-Aways
  • A mountaineering club coach asked his students what was needed to climb a mountain. The responses focused on equipment and skills. The coach asked "Isn't the mountain the most important thing to focus on?"

  • When you know which mountain you want to climb, then you can decide on the right equipment and skills.

  • Likewise, in investment, the goal (or mountain) should be decided first. Investors should be wary of getting lost in the noise of data, market, trends.

  • When you decide on your mountain first, then it is easy to determine factors like time horizon, amount of investment, return needed, asset allocation.

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Comments Posted
Priyank Thakkar ARN NO :PRUDENT 9992 AHMEDABAD, 01 Feb 2018

Very True saying sir

Vipin Bhutani ARN NO :Wealthdirect Noida, 30 Jan 2018

Excellent knowledge sharing ,great learning jigar bhai

sandip h patel ARN NO :84203 BHAVNAGAR, 29 Jan 2018

Great learning

Pramod vani ARN NO :ARN-29718 VASAD, 29 Jan 2018

Health is wealth people say this But Equity create a massive wealth

Piyush shah ARN NO :14098 Ahmedabad , 28 Jan 2018

This is called basic.unnecessary we get in to the Technical details,returns etc of the funds forgetting the main things

Simple Shah ARN NO :TueValue Investments Mumbai, 28 Jan 2018

Good analogy..... well explained.... Its true... people focus on equipment and techniques. But ignore goal and stamina(available resources and using it at optimum level )

Mohan sharma ARN NO :Prudent CAS Ltd. Jaipur, 28 Jan 2018

Advisors advisor Jigar sir always love to hear you.

Samir Desai ARN NO :ARN-129845 Dahod, 28 Jan 2018

Excellent idea given by Guru Jigarbhai to set goal.

Abbasali Mava ARN NO :RJ Advisory Himatnagar, 28 Jan 2018

very well articulated. Decide your Goal before you start your investment journey.

Mitul Dave ARN NO :ARN - 98189 Anand, 28 Jan 2018

It is great example to relate goal based investment planning..Thanks to Mr. Jigar Parekh for guiding us to follow the right path towards successful investing.

Shah dharmesh ARN NO :82893 Rajkot, 28 Jan 2018

Goal base investment need for investors good example jigarbhai

Jitendra Joshi ARN NO :106650 Delhi, 27 Jan 2018

Wonderful explanation to realize the importance of goal setting. Thanks For Sharing!!

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