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Time for every IFA to create your teamBrijesh Dalmia, Kolkata

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Key Take-Aways
  • Focus on your vision; do you plan to be big? Then you need a team and you need to build that team ahead of your big success.

  • Creating a team includes back-end support as well as sales. Plan ahead in building team so you can scale up your business and resources.

  • Mentor sales team and train them so that they will drive your business forward. You cannot do it all or you will burn out in 5-10 years.

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Comments Posted
SUSANTA PAL ARN NO :ARN-63497 Kolkata, 13 Apr 2018


ADDAGARLA Durga Satya Venkateswara Rao ARN NO :ARN -63914 Visakhapatnam, 03 Apr 2018

Its Good and Wonderful sir ThanQ very much and ur Guidelines will help us in our IFAS AUM in the upcoming years

Amit Mittal ARN NO :80697 Howrah , 25 Mar 2018

yes, totally agreed... we need to invest in our business and the return will be beyond imagination...

J.krishnamurthi ARN NO :ARN-41050 Bangalore 560019, 24 Mar 2018

Greetings, good idea to explore the business but individual distributor ,

Gopal Bandyopadhyay ARN NO :ARN-39003 BANKURA, 24 Mar 2018

Advice is good.But I want it in details.

Arun Kumar Banerjee ARN NO :ARN-84785 Bhopal, 24 Mar 2018

Your advice is good but I want it in more detail.

Chandrarajan ARN NO :ARN-102814 CHENNAI, 24 Mar 2018


Ravindra Nawhal ARN NO :66507 Nagpur , 24 Mar 2018

Its true Sir. Without team growth not possible. Thank you for sharing Sir.

Prem parker ARN NO :82520 Mumbai, 24 Mar 2018

Very good.

Sudipta Sengupta ARN NO :ARN-103045 Kolkata , 24 Mar 2018

Tks for this tip. Wonder if New IFAs like me can recruit sub-brokers....backend team definitely.

Sanjivanee Uday Daingade ARN NO :105520 Pune, 24 Mar 2018


Alpesh Kotak ARN NO :Margin Money Ahmedabad , 24 Mar 2018

Very good Idea to scale up the business

Prakash S. Ozarkar ARN NO :120373 Navsari, 23 Mar 2018

You have gone through the reality of mf business its going to happen in coming years .

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