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We created our own investment committeeHemant Rustagi, Mumbai

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Key Take-Aways
  • Big Idea - Addressing the gaps between what is being offered to clients and what they should have got.

  • Set up own investment committee and every employee learned how funds were selected and market movements. So employees were knowledgeable when talking to clients and made them feel comfortable.

  • Created a pool of relatinship managers. Even if we wanted to change a relationship manager, another could step in and service would still be seamless. This led to more referrals.

  • Going forward, the speed at which we respond to clients will be key and technology will play a huge role.

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Comments Posted
Sangita Singh ARN NO :ARN-112455 Patna, 29 Sep 2018

Good Advice for better tomorrow. Very helpful to us. Thanks

Ranjan Kumar Sahoo ARN NO :ARN-138178 SAMBALPUR, 29 Sep 2018

Really Great Advice.. We will definitely follow your advice.

Prakash S Ozarkar ARN NO :120373 Navsari, 26 Mar 2018

Your concept towards MF business along with interaction really applauded

Vishal Rastogi ARN NO :51920 Patna, 23 Mar 2018

Well said Sir ............will try to follow ur valuable advise ! Regards,

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