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Focus on the grain, not the huskAshish Modani, SLA Financial Solutions, Jaipur

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Key Take-Aways
  • Investors should not aim for only return; getting return is a byproduct of investing in the process of buying a mutual fund. Your first aim should be on finding your dreams and goals.

  • Move to the real reason behind why you want to invest. Focus on your dreams and don't get lost in the noise of returns.

  • When you follow the dreams and invest, returns will automatically follow.

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Comments Posted
CHETAN SHAH ARN NO :Shah Wealthvisor LLP DHANBAD, 08 Feb 2020

Simple but powerful. Thanks for the insight Ashish.

Pradeep Jain ARN NO :PMPK Wealth Ranchi, 18 Feb 2018

Story telling is more powerful way to communicate. I have great respect for Ashish as he is simple and avoids technical jargans.

Vikas Gupta ARN NO :25367 Rohtak, 17 Feb 2018

Its actually comes in Ethical Selling but most of the Distributors dont follow the basics

Bharat Phatak ARN NO :Wealth Managers Indi Pune, 17 Feb 2018

Wow, Ashish! Such profound message in such simple narrative! A must see nugget for all IFAs!

Ashish ARN NO :81 new delhi, 17 Feb 2018

The truth which nobody wants to understand!Awesome sir

Mr. Bharat Bagla ARN NO :Bees Network Ltd Kolkata, 17 Feb 2018

Superb insights and clear focus

Pallav Bagaria ARN NO :30378 Guwahati, 17 Feb 2018

Brilliant Ashish Modani..!! As usual..

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