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Speak the client's language, not oursMohsin Bijepuri, Bijepuri Financial Advisory, Chennai

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Key Take-Aways
  • If you don't understand the advisor's language, ask them to explain in simple words.

  • Your expertise lies in your field while the advisor's expertise lies in personal finance. So don't be afraid to ask questions and get good explanations.

  • It may be easier to understand projections when you see it laid out -- so ask your advisor to explain what terms like 15% CAGR means practically.

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Comments Posted
Sabrin ARN NO :Client Mumbai, 12 Jun 2018

Excellent interview! Its very thoughtful of you to have quoted your own experiences with your clients which makes it easy to relate things n understand better. U have highlighted an eye opener to many of us not to refrain ourselves from asking "What? When? Why? n How?", for knowing the basics. Highly appreciate the fact that you have put across the word to explain concepts in laymans terms to make things simple rather than complicate it. Hats Off to U!!

Yasin ARN NO :Client Chennai, 30 May 2018

This is the need of the hour especially when concepts are ‘institutionalised’ and ‘complicated’ to make them sound sophisticated. Keeping it simple and positioning the conversation based on a client’s understanding will secure their trust and fuel business growth.

N.Santhakumar ARN NO :78938 Mannargudi, 30 May 2018

Good enough to make our client to understand in his own language, well done

HARMIK SINGH SACHDEVA ARN NO :Milestone Financial Advisory P Ahmedabad, 30 May 2018

Mohsin ji very well said, it is always better to be simple than make things complex. Completely agree with you.

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