Taking education planning to a new levelNilakshi Louzado, InTrust Advisors, Pune

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Ajay Kumar Jain ARN NO :Swaraj Wealth Management Pvt L Jabalpur, 25 Mar 2018

Inspiring story Nilakshi Mam, This is what every financial advisor seeks. The trust of a client, so that he or she tends to share each and every moment, requirement, is most required and can be achieved only with confidence and integrity you shown to your client. Good job. Congratulations.

Sunil B. Kapadia ARN NO :ARN-13665 Pune, 21 Mar 2018

Thanks Nilakshi for sharing a real and wonderful experience with one of your client. It was interesting to know and learn how you ensured that different need/requirements (beyond money management & MF scheme selection) at various stage can also be counselled by an Advisor in a right & in a professional manner keeping Clients interest all the time. Youre right having said that - it gave you "SATISFACTION". Best wishes & regards,

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