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The BIG idea behind Roopa's incredible successRoopa VenkataKrishnan, Mumbai

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Key Take-Aways
  • Investors respond to the importance of wealth creation and financial stability. So you need to have the conviction in the process and wanting to improve clients' financial lives.

  • If you are able to achieve long term growth for your investors, your business also simultaneously grows.

  • Have a long term horizon when it comes to evaluating your own growth. Increasing your knowledge is key to confidence.

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Comments Posted

Its absolutely true. Long term investment planning can help to grow both.

Sunil Kapadia ARN NO :ARN-13665 Pune, 12 Jul 2018

Very well said and quite True !

P Raji Reddy ARN NO :ARN3082 Hyderabad , 12 Jul 2018

Excellent message to advisors 0qh9x9

Srini ARN NO :Money Kate Chennai, 12 Jul 2018

Roopa is always very knowledgeable, cheerful and dynamic so there is no doubt that she will climb great heights. Way to go Roopa all the very best.

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