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My BIG IdeaAbhenav Khettry, Kolkata

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Key Take-Aways
  • Moving from institutional focused model to retail focused model allowed us to be not dependent on small number of clients.

  • Measure success not by AUMs but by the number of clients and families. Client growth has allowed us to reinvest in branding, building team and other initiatives to further grow the business.

  • Work with clients who need your services. Converting real-estate oriented investors to look at mutual funds as investments was a challenge. SWPs gave senior citizen clients liquidity which they needed.

  • Focus on growing middle income clients who are maybe ignored by other advisors in preference for HNIs.

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Amit Mittal ARN NO :80697 howrah, 25 Mar 2018

yeah thats a big achievement.. everyone should focus on retail rather than on big clients...

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