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The right time to buy that upmarket houseM S Shabbir, Sensage Financial, Hyderabad

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Key Take-Aways
  • When a short term goal such as child's education is achieved, transfer the allocation to achieve another goal such as retirement plan.

  • Track your goals to see the status of how far you are on reaching them.

  • Some goals and aspirations have sentimental value attached. Talk to your advisor about how to best adapt them.

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Rajesh Hattangady ARN NO :THiiNK Thane , 11 Mar 2019

Good insights. Shabbir shows us that the success of financial planning just doesnt lie with the financial planner alone, while 50% lies with the finplanner, the other 50% lies with the investor. Key takeaway: dont listen to hear, listen to understand!

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