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Do HNIs want new ideas or just a steady hand?Hyderabad Wealth Panel,

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Key Take-Aways
  • Don't get enamoured by the trending product. Real advisors come up with great ideas but will also advice you against products that don't suit your needs.

  • HNIs want advisors that can keep things confidential and abrest of information. Rather than creation of wealth, HNIs focus is on preservation and distribution of wealth.

  • For preservation, advisors look at beating inflation and preserving the capital that the invidual has created. Distribution of wealth needs to be hassle free and seamless for the next generation.

  • Goal based planning is also relevant for HNIs and the goals can include legacy, inheritance and philanthropy

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Saurabh Mittal ARN NO :Circle Wealth Advisors Pvt ltd Mumbai, 12 Jul 2018

Great Topic, unfortunately sound not clear, taking too much effort to understand.

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