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Is equity relevant for wealth protection?Harshad Patwardhan, Edelweiss AMC,

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Key Take-Aways
  • Wealth protection isn't just nominal value of capital. True wealth protection protects investors from effects of inflation and decline from purchasing power of capital.

  • The long term performance of equity asset class over 38 years shows it has consistently beaten inflation.

  • When investing in equities, one is investing in earnings growth of companies. So wealth gets created as well as protected by beating inflation.

  • Equity as an asset class is good for wealth protection but find a suitable category that best suits your needs.

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Subraya P Karanth ARN NO :ARN123448 Bangalore, 28 Aug 2018

Excellent idea. I really liked the idea of protecting "Purchasing "Power" rather than focusing on Wealth protection

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