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What’s SUPER about this SIP ?Gaurav Goyal, Principal AMC,

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Key Take-Aways
  • People invest in goals and not in markets. What are your goals? Retirement? Child's wedding? Education? Holiday? New car? Align your investments to your goals.

  • With Super SIP, you can name your goal and value of that goal in the application. Investors can set the date on when to pay to easily remember.

  • The periodic account statement in the Super SIP will not only give the portfolio value but also the goal name, goal value so you can judge how close you are to achieving that goal.

  • When you are committed to your goals, you can plan your investments accordingly. Do you want to top up or boost your SIP? It is easier to plan and make those decisions. Goals lead to financial discipline.

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Comments Posted
Mohsin Bijepuri ARN NO :33913 Chennai, 05 Jun 2018

Thank you Mr.Gaurav Goyal. It indeed is a super idea.Can you make platforms like iFast integrate it into their offering?

Jugal kishore ARN NO :2268 Jalandhar, 04 Jun 2018

personally I like its emotional and clear goal oriented statement

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