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Principal launches goal based sales toolGaurav Goyal, Principal AMC,

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Key Take-Aways
  • Goal based investment needs asset allocation as there will be a mixture of short term and long term goals.

  • Determining liquidity allocation will be based on the goals. Rather than ticket size of the SIP, focus on what is needed to achieve goals.

  • Negative bias and overreactions can be avoided with goal based investing. There is a long term commitment with goal based investing as focus is on reaching the goal.

  • With Principal sales tool, advisors can get input from the entire family as each family member has their own goals and aspirations. Once the priority is decided, investment plan can be done for the whole family.

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CP Sarin ARN NO :20564 Agrw, 07 Jul 2018


Pawan Kumar ARN NO :144081 Banga, 27 Jun 2018

Goal based approach is the successful approach,insurance products are goal oriented then why mutual funds shouldnt be goal oriented.

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