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Scams and defaults all around – are bond funds safe ?Dhawal Dalal, Edelweiss AMC,

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Key Take-Aways
  • Investors should keep in mind the pedigree and experience of the fund house and manager while choosing. 2 aspects to consider are diversification and due diligence.

  • Diversification for high yield bonds is well established globally. By diversification and controlling exposure, negative impact on investor can be mitigated in case of an accident.

  • With due diligence, investors should not only consider the financial matrix but also the behaviour of promoter and practices and potential unknowns in balance sheet.

  • Does the fund house/manager understand known and unknown liabilities before investing? Is fund diversified and is overexposure at a minimum? Consider these factors while choosing a fund house/manager.

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Meenu ARN NO :INV Ludhiana, 25 Sep 2018

Sir, Can we have the opinion of Mr. Pratik about technical analysis of stock markets, Crude, dollar vs rupee etc.

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