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Great marketing lessons from Belgaum's IFAsNorth Karnataka Marketing Panel,

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Key Take-Aways
  • Events may not generate immediate business but is sowing seed for future growth. Before marketing activities, IFAs should have support and structure in place to serve more new customers.

  • Reach out to CAs who have HNI clients. Many CAs lack basic knowledge of mutual funds and so advice clients to invest in fixed deposits.

  • Many potential clients who are comfortable in vernacular language have no awareness of mutual funds but there there is very little news or content available in vernacular language. Focus on content there.

  • Use your social networking to gain visibility by participating in competitions, exhibitions. You can use hoardings on trees, auto rickshaws, roads to generate awareness.

  • Walks-ins through other services like for PAN card can generate leads. Use technology to cater to out-of-town clients.

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Comments Posted
S.RAMALINGAM ARN NO :55553 Chennai, 12 Jun 2018

Hats off to Belgaum Colleagues for their excellent team work, their quest for spreading the knowledge about Mutual Funds among the common people of their locality esp.through their mother tongue. Throwing Seed Ball is a wonderful concept which should be emulated by all of us. Clearly an out of the box thinking by the Belgaum Team. All of us should pool our efforts in the best possible way in creating better awareness on Mutual Funds,its benefits in creating wealth for our Clients . I fully endorse their views and actions as I do conduct IAPs in association with AMCs in interior and rural parts of Tamil Nadu through brochures and interactive sessions in Tamil keeping a long term view like them. best wishes. S.RAMALINGAM ARN 55553

Manju Mundhra ARN NO :ARN-36906 R.D.Wealth Managemen Kolkata, 11 Jun 2018

Perfect.Its very true concept.

DIGAMBAR ARN NO :74155 belgaum, 09 Jun 2018

Very nice Concept

LENKA VENKATA RAMANA ARN NO :136253 Bilaspur, 08 Jun 2018

Useful discussion

manoj kumar ARN NO :ARN 98379 BEGUSARAI, 08 Jun 2018


Nijagunaprabhu s kongi ARN NO :48614 waytogain Invt Cons Pvt Dharwad, 08 Jun 2018


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