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Great way to articulate responsibilities of all 3 shareholdersLovaii Navlakhi, International Money Matters, Bangalore

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Key Take-Aways
  • Advisors, fund managers and investors all need to articulate their expectations from each other.

  • Being rational and not emotional is a very difficult challenge for investors while being humble and accepting mistakes can be a challenge for advisors and fund managers.

  • While there may be rational preparation and thinking, close to 100% of decisions are emotional. So, investors should try to avoid wild emotional impulses and use data and research to understand their decision.

  • Structured risk profile helps to reduce emotional angst and helps investors to stay within a band. Pay attention to asset allocation and separate your goals into short, medium and long term.

  • Decide which buckets of the portfolio can take more risk, which will be observed more closely and regularly and which buckets just need to beat inflation.

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