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7 promises is a great way to reinforce the essentialsUday Dhoot, Oye Paisa, Bangalore

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Key Take-Aways
  • The biggest challenge for advisors, investors as well as fund managers is the re-inforcement of the seven promises so that it becomes a habit and not easily forgotten.

  • Being rational, wavering conviction are humility are all behavioral challenges for investors. We often don't know when we are irrational.

  • Process orientation is a challenge for both investors and advisors. For investors who get bored of the process, staying engaged can be a challenge.

  • For advisors, focusing on the steps for onboarding clients, setting client expectations and managing them helps orient and maintain a process.

  • For fund managers, true to label, sticking to proccess and transparency are challenges. Tiny disclaimers act as obstacles to make quick comparisons.

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