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Believe in India, don't worry about marketsBina Mirchandani, Bangalore

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Key Take-Aways
  • The India story is upwards and we have to have faith in that. Mutual funds is a good way for common investors to invest in the India story.

  • For working individuals, it is difficult to find the time to research about markets and mutual funds. Find a trusted advisor who you can designate that investment work to.

  • Review your portfolio regularly but don't make changes at every review. For sectoral/general changes, look at the funds in the space and see how the fund you have invested stacks up in comparison to others.

  • Be aware that funds that are under performing can also suddenly take an upturn. So stay invested for a long term to see if it is working for you instead of immediately exiting.

  • Take risk appropriate to your age and cash flow. Even at retirement age, you can still invest in equity to get growth. For young investors, SIP is a good way to go.

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