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12% p.a. over long term is better than promise of 20%Jaishankar, Bangalore

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Key Take-Aways
  • Start investing at the beginning of your career. Many make the mistake of earning but not saving or investing.

  • It can be very difficult for people to adjust to a drop in standard of living post-retirement. So it is necessary to have a good financial advisor to guide you and plan for your retirement.

  • If you aren't in need of that money, just hold on to your investment even if the market takes a dip as the Indian market fundamentals are strong and robust.

  • Have a balance in your portfolio between debt and equity. Rather than shutting down on equity post-retirement, talk to your advisor to look at which companies are part of that equity.

  • Don't believe in wild promises and instead look for long-term sustainable return.

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Sharath Mohandas ARN NO :ARN-143163 Thiruvananthapuram, 21 Oct 2018

Excellent thoughts.. :)

Rajesh kumar ARN NO :Arn no-122525 New delhi, 20 Oct 2018

Great Thinging

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