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Amazing case of investor with 185 insurance policiesRanjit Dani, Think Consultants, Nagpur

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Key Take-Aways
  • Having too many insurance policies is not helpful especially when the premiums are more than the cover provided.

  • Having proper income tax statements can help you increase your insurance cover.

  • With a business, it is important to create some liquidity with a family portfolio.

  • If you are anxious about the future of what will happen if you are not there, talk to an advisor about how to create investments which would be helpful for the family.

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Comments Posted
p krishna mohan gupta ARN NO :56266 secunderabad, 08 Dec 2018

good. I did not understand, the risk coverage what he is saying. he said in his comments not more than 20 lakhs but he is paying 50 lakhs premium. that part not understood to me. if he is paying 50 lakhs premium (if he paid everything in single premium 50 lakhs premium means minimum 50 lakhs coverage would be there.)

Krishna Kumar Prasad ARN NO :34495 Nagpur, 05 Dec 2018

Excellent work,

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