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Responsible advising for retail clients starts with pruning the product listSadashiv Phene, Mumbai

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Key Take-Aways
  • Advisors need to keep abreast on conferences and market movements. Based on market parameters, advisors should advice the asset class and risk according to investor's requirements and goals.

  • It is important for advisors to keep resetting the expectations based on market conditions. Many investors tend to gravitate towards more risky products without assessing if they can handle that risk.

  • Investors should not just look at returns but also look at product category to select investments. Hybrids and multicaps are good options for investors who don't have time to constantly evaluate their investments.

  • Hybrid products works well due to auto rebalancing feature during volatile times. Investors should expect more volatility during election years.

  • Multicap products with its wide themes helps investors stay invested for longer without having to constantly review, shift or make new decisions. It removes some of that anxiety of constant decision making during volatile times.

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