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Mukeshbhai's acronym that best defines responsible investing: L.I.F.E.Mukesh Dedhia, Ghalla & Bhansali Securities, Mumbai

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Key Take-Aways
  • L stands for living, I stands for investing, F stands for Finance and E for economics. While life and investing are internal, finance and economics are external factors.

  • Lifestyle choices are individual, while investing style is determined by lifestyle. Finance and economics impact investing and some knowledge is necessary for safeguard of investments.

  • Just as driver slows down the car during bad weather, investors and advisors can slow down during bad market cycles. Depending on whether the situation is serious, a complete stop may be needed.

  • Advisors should distinguish between recommendations for savings and investments. If there is a large accumuluated SIP corpus, then advisors should look at it closely rather than treating it as a SIP.

  • Valuations can tell us which zone the market is at - good, uncertain or bad. Either of the extreme zones requires some action while neither of the extremes means the portfolio can continue on course.

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Comments Posted
Deepak R Khemani ARN NO :Khemanis Mumbai, 14 Mar 2019

A wealth of Wisdom from Mukesh bhai as always.

Rajesh Hattangady ARN NO :THiiNK Thane , 14 Mar 2019

Super simplistic and sahaj to understand

Mohsin Bijepuri ARN NO :Mohsin Bijepuri Chennai, 13 Mar 2019

The highway analogy is a great takeaway from veteran Mukesh Bhai. Thank you Sir.

rajesh chheda ARN NO :finance factory panjim, 13 Mar 2019

well said Mukeshbhai.

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