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This IFA's retail model will blow your mindAnup Bhaiyya, Money Honey Financial Services, Mumbai

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Key Take-Aways
  • Speaking as often as twice a month can turn prospects in new clients. Build the customer relationship first even if it is small Rs. 500 SIP and as customers gain confidence, they will invest more.

  • Rather than selling, get into advising mode and get to understand the clients' psychology, their preferences and background. Then, advisors can start adding value by making recommendations.

  • Having a good CRM software will help advisors provide seamless service and reduce operational costs. Use the feedback loops to fill the gaps and improve the technology.

  • Every market event is a chance to connect with clients and add some value. All existing clients receive a minimum of 2 calls a month where they are updated on the latest event in market.

  • Understanding market dynamics as well as the risk appetite of clients leads to right product selection. Act in your client's interest even if it is against trends. Not losing money is equally important as giving return.

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Narayanan ARN NO :2155 Chennai, 22 Jan 2019

interested to know clients insight behavioural sciences...

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