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Wanting growth can be a big problem for IFAsMukesh Dedhia, Ghalla & Bhansali Securities, Mumbai

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Key Take-Aways
  • Instead of focusing on growth against peers, focus on raising your capabilities and that will lead to natural growth and less stress.

  • Understand your capabilities and develop confidence. Stick with the segment that you are most comfortable with. Define your own growth path and you will be more successful.

  • When grappling with whether to change to a team or partner model, think of the absolute bottom line rather than eroding share percentage. As the business grows, all benefit as the bottom line also grows.

  • Humility, knowledge of finance and markets, willing to delegate and trust, and professionalism are the qualities needed for a leader.

  • Referrals is the biggest indicator of how well you are doing. Referral clients tend to be stay longer.

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Comments Posted
Himanshu Maheshwari ARN NO :77725 New Delhi , 25 Jun 2019

Very scary headline, unlike its content. Pls be careful.

Harshad Ashar ARN NO :5544 Rajkot, 25 Jun 2019

Agree with all Key Take-Aways. Since there will be drastic reduction of total income of FY 19-20 v/s FY 18-19, one needs to set the personal financial plan on top priority and then next step should be to reach to the same income level in a year or two. This should not be a problem for old IFAs who are managing the AUM of 25 Crore or more but can certainly create a big problem for new entrants and for those who are yet to build good AUM.

Ash ARN NO :81 New delhi, 24 Jun 2019

Pragmatic and sensibility - wish a lot of debt fund managers also listen to this video .

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