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Tamil proverb shows the way for fund managers and advisorsMukund Seshadri, MS Ventures Financial Planners, Mumbai

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Key Take-Aways
  • Rational behaviour with a goal approach can be challenging for investors as the goals keep changing or getting upgraded.

  • Investors need to understand that every scheme has a tenure and requires time to appreciate. Advisors need to regularly remind investors why they bought a certain scheme.

  • Humility is challenge for fund managers. Success in past does not equate sucess in future. Tamil proverb says that a tree full of fruits bends down. In contrast, a tree without leaves stands up.

  • The fund manager must be open to markets and feedback. Fund managers need to be in touch with distributors and investors to get the ground view perspective.

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Rajesh Chheda ARN NO :Finance factory PANJIM, 14 Jun 2019

Well put pointers.

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