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IFAs must first practice, then preach, to transmit conviction to clientsValmiki Khatri, Krushna Finance, Mumbai

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Key Take-Aways
  • Investors must not let emotional bias rule their investment decisions. Many investors lack the conviction needed to invest in equity and make money.

  • Advisors need to have conviction so that they can transmit that to clients. Advisors should ask themselves if they are willing to invest for long periods of time and hold on to the SIPs just as they advise clients.

  • Advisors need to warn clients in the beginning itself about what are some of the pitfalls they can face during their investment journey and why they should not panic.

  • Fund managers need to have humility so that they can communicate clearly to investors and advisors when there's something wrong as this builds confidence.

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Comments Posted
D B SHETTI ARN NO :1078 SANGLI, 10 Jul 2019

IFA should study deeply of these good 7 steps and follow for self&investots

Siddharth Shah ARN NO :Shalibhadra Ahmedabad, 04 Jul 2019

Conviction: The key word of the entire interaction. If there is total transparency from all stake holders, MFD can confidently approach the investors... with conviction, naturally. Building up confidence level of Investors is major issue and Mr. Valmiki has promptly addressed it.... Thanks for these valuable 7 vows.

S Loganathan ARN NO :98706 Salem TamilNadu, 04 Jul 2019

The coversation is very useful. The 7 vows are definitely to be followed by IFA s for their success.

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