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CEOs must take action against errant debt fund managersAshish Goel, Vista Wealth, Delhi

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Gautam Rathore ARN NO :9156 Udaipur, 17 May 2019

Very well said ashish bhai

Rajesh Jain ARN NO :ARN-43610 ROHTAK, 15 May 2019

Reading and hearing Ashish Sir is always good for me . My suggession is that AMFI & SEBI should look for exposure at group level and should be limited to 5% in overall fund house portfolio and 2 % in a scheme .

Hiren ARN NO :9940 MUMBAI, 15 May 2019

Check out todays news in ET, IL&FS board may invoke clawback option for bonus & benefits from there Directors. MF should follow this rules for fund managers.


What was the CEO / RISK OFFICER doing in the fund house ? What is the role of trustees / investment committEe in the fund house doing. I think SEBI should conduct a complete inquiry into this whole matter. SEBI is speaking about fund name clearly indicating where the fund will invest in. What is the difference between MEDIUM TERM & CREDIT RISK FUND ? If they can hold credit papers in any fund, then why two funds - so that AMCs can charge higher TER.

Ramesh B ARN NO :11864 Vadodara, 14 May 2019

Kindly present the valuable discussion in words/pdf format please....

Ajay Kumar Bajaj ARN NO :2023 New Delhi, 14 May 2019

Yes, action is the needed as not only Debt investor but industry is suffering. Debt investor including institutional investors are leaving forever n will not invest in MF in future.

Hiren ARN NO :9940 MUMBAI, 14 May 2019

Well said Ashish, but if we dont see any action taken by amc, then we as a IFA should stand united and banned this fund houses till they dont act. Its also lesson to SEBI thats buy reducing TER you will not achieve what you desire but by keeping watch on this fund houses and there practice you will be able to make great difference to the investors.

Vishal Rastogi ARN NO :51920 Patna, 14 May 2019

Question arises on research wing of AMC;s, too ......Where is regulator now is it only busy in cut offs of IFA or will monitor these too before it gets worst ............!

Ketan Nanivadekar ARN NO :Smart Money AURANGABAD, 14 May 2019

Very well crafted reply by Ashish summing up the Debt Debacle, on behalf of IFA ....for the IFA community as well as the AMC industry

Barun Chandra Dutta ARN NO :ARN-21055 Memari, 14 May 2019

Debt fund investment via fund manager who are invest the money our valuable poor customer hard and Jill money +AAAor +AA rating but there not good quality paper like ILFS .DHFC etc.what is punishment the fund manager.by AMFI

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