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Efficiency is vital in new era of low marginsNeeraj Choksi, NJ India Invest, Surat

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bimal Maganlal naik ARN NO :ARN-6216 SURAT, 28 May 2019

well defined by Nirajbhai. IFAs goal is to meet and get business, rest will be taken care of. your side is dark and audio is also problem,

S.RAMALINGAM ARN NO :55553 Chennai, 28 May 2019

Hats off to Mr. Neeraj Choksi , JMD, NJ India Invest Pvt LTD for his precise , thoughtful and inspiring words. I am very proud to be associated with NJ as a Partner since 2007. Both Neeraj Bhai and Jignesh Bhai, our JMD have shown us - NJ Partners the way forward all these years thanks to which NJ India Invest Pvt LTD has established itself as the largest MF Distributor in India with an AUA of more than RS 60,000 Crores plus. Every Partner is encouraged and motivated to have a strong conviction and self belief in his Advisory Role, to establish long term relationship with his Investor based on mutual trust in ensuring wealth creation for his investors built on a long term through Systematic Investment Plan. Thanks to digitalisation NJ has enabled its Partners to use its Ewealth platform - paperless online transaction facility which has become a hit among investors and NJ Partners like me. Now , with the inclusion of Life, Health Insurance in the portal each NJ Partner is now well armed with latest technologies. Lets work together for a better India.

Rajesh Chheda ARN NO :Finance factory Panjim Goa , 28 May 2019

Well spoken and apt

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