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Ranchi's top IFA shows the way forward on commission concernsPradeep Kumar Jain, PMPK Wealth, Ranchi

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Jyoti prakash ARN NO :90640 Ranchi, 21 Jun 2019

If clients are giving us income then why we need regular plans. I am totally disagree with this.

ANDREW ARN NO :ARN-51903 MANGALORE , 07 Jun 2019

Change is natural. Reaction also natural. But at present IFA s are not reacting against change but against injustice and betrayal by AMCs. All know customer is king and to serve this king IFA need energy. Not betrayal

Anup Kumar Sanabada ARN NO :ARN-50375 Berhampur, 07 Jun 2019

In the country like MF penetration is like a new born baby,still it not able to stand its own,they are comparing with proffessional runners,nobody is worring how to expand the proximity,how bring more investors.Is there any better choice for the investos to creat wealth.But everyone is axing the promoters like us.Perhaps they dont want DIIs to overshadow FIIs.

Sudhir ARN NO :29064 Ghaziabad, 06 Jun 2019

Point is not whether you are earning or not. Point is whether you should respond to injustice or not. Customer is king always. They make market even break market. Any misdeed by any market participants also needs to be discussed be it manufacturers or regulator.

Rajesh Jain ARN NO :ARN-43610 ROHTAK, 06 Jun 2019

very well explained Pardeep ji . Thanks for your valuable advice. But i would like to add one thing , what hurts is not that the commissions have been reduced but that there is no transparency left in our AMCs. No communication is recieved from the AMC of the commision structure in auto mode. And on demand too recd after a long time is passed of the applicable month/quarter. what hurts is that for the same product there are many different commision structures , one for the banks /NDs which is in many cases 50 % more than an average IFAs . what hurts more is that we have to move from pillar to post to get the customer and bank has ready customer and they even mis-sell the product and the customer forcefully has to bear because he/she is dependent on bank for his banking services. My suggession is time has come for a uniform commision structure from AMCs for every empanelled entity. That too should be informed well in advance and forceful on AMC for life till the time the investment has been made on agreed terms . regards

bimal Maganlal naik ARN NO :ARN-6216 SURAT, 06 Jun 2019

perfect. this makes concepts clear. client is my pay master not AMC or Insurance co.

CHHEDA Rajesh ARN NO :CHHEDA Rajesh PANJIM, 06 Jun 2019

Absolutely apt


I agree with ur views Pradeepji, thanks a lot for ur valuable comments. Thanks

Hasmukh Shah ARN NO :1694 Mumbai , 06 Jun 2019

SEBI has been announcing com. to be stopped & trail com. to be reduced. It is totally wrong. Our income is reducing. Few AMC has reduced 50% trail com. I am against on trail com.reducing & upfront com. stopped. It affects future business of Mutual fund. We are advertising to take NCDs & company deposit & insurance products. It is surprised that only AMC have reduced com. Insurance companies have not announced any com. to be reduced. I request to SEBI not to reduce Trail com.. Thanks Hasmukh Shah ARN No. 1694 (M) 9869175869

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