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Platform for IFAs to engage with AMFIRadhika Gupta, Edelweiss AMC, Mumbai

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Chandra Kishore Goyal ARN NO :ARN-143541 New Delhi, 11 Jun 2019

Good discussions. Below are some points for consideration:- 1. As said "advised jaruri hai", one effect we are promiting and helping IFA. Thanks for that. Other effect is that we are not able to keep delighted & motivated to IFA,s. Reason is obvious - consideration of money to IFA. A young educated person or retired person can not think to make career as IFA. I am sure that you can get data in respect of total ARN and net active ARN. There wil be hugh difference and reason are only we are not considering IFA,s as assets for business of Mutual fund. Trust can be made only when we consider IFA,s as assets. 3. Only IFA,s has to face invester in case of any fund loss. It is assumed that all responsibility or liability is on shoulders of IFA. He is the only face in front of clients. Fund managers or assets management companies should also liable and responsible. Monetary loss of invester are basically for wrong selection of companies by fund manager, issues pertaining to Regulatory or Compliances set bt SEBI or Corporate Affairs Ministries etc. The loosees are only IFA,s and invester. In case of above, suggestions ans8 feedback should be share at common plateforms. 4 There shoud be two payout in each months as exists Insurance Companies. 4. Would request to share common platform with particulars of members along with contact persons. Hope that above are beneficial to all stake holders and may help to reach our goal. These are considered by all major groups and companies for success. Your feed back are always appreciated, please. Thanksand with warm regards,

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