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How should I explain this loss to my clients?Ramesh Bhat, Aniram, Chennai

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Sunil Bhagat ARN NO :9646 Pondicherry, 26 Dec 2019

Responsible investing is to gradually educate the client on various aspects of the product risk they are investing in. Of course the tough job today is that even the best rated are failing which means there is a lacunae in the very system we are relying on to measure the risks. However we have to do our best that bad news does not come as a rude shock to the client

Rajesh Gupta ARN NO :Fairdeal Money Management JALANDHAR , 26 Dec 2019

We are in this business esp in Debt bcz Taxation leverage given by GOI else FD and PO are still better. Our responsibility increases when client is equity everse and still having loss in debt also.

Dr. A S Harish ARN NO :95814/Genius Investments Priva Bangalore, 26 Dec 2019

As an advisor what is under our control is proper risk management through Diversification. Choose well diversified liquid schemes and invest in 3 to 4 well diversified schemes and we are done.

Srikanth V Kulkarni ARN NO :33153 Bangalore , 26 Dec 2019

My suggestion while inveting the property sold money,.. Never into any liquid, sb account or any other instrument, rather i suggest to park it in capital gain account which does not earn any amount of interest though but safe. This is as per law also.... Here its the safekeeping of the money, matters, rather than earning an interest on it.. For a short period of time.. Clients have to accept it.. .. RAMESH SIR this is my humble opinion. Please

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