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FT responds to advisor concernsSanjay Sapre, Franklin Templeton, Mumbai

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Jai Prakash Pareek ARN NO :ARN 123169 Jaipur, 17 Feb 2020

Plz tell me that what due diligence your fund house do before investing in any debt paper. Change such FM immediately who do not have basic knowledge

Rajkamal Pathrabe ARN NO :ARN-87373 Nagpur, 31 Jan 2020

It is not fair on the part of small investor, you could have waited some more time till the guidelines come from AMFI/ SEBI. You could have stopped accepting fresh deposits. Many big investors already exited the holdings.

Deshpande ARN NO :INV Pune., 28 Jan 2020

What you have done was not in interest of ongoing investors. You should have blocked new investment s completely after 100 percent write-off.. SEBI should issue guidelines for such cases..

Jai Prakash Pareek ARN NO :ARN 123169 Jaipur, 25 Jan 2020

Loss all my faith in your fund house.why should we invest in this fund or fund house who destroyed more then 2.5 lakh in two disaster. Looking to low duration fund I parked my money & thought that I will withdraw it as & when needed but one horrible morning a saw all my gain wipe out by your fund house. I want to exact time for restoration of NAV otherwise I will quit & never recommend such value destroying fund . Reply me immediately

Raj kumar Barman ARN NO :69969 Varanasi up, 25 Jan 2020

Respected Sanjay Sapre Sir, As your expertised in fixed income schemes like Fiubf & Fildf where Clients deposit money under one year tenure and your dent in above scheme are 4.2% & 6.5% in Nav this is justifying to Yours slogen to Reach for Better Kindly handling this matter Very seriously and recovery the Nav as soon as possible for your FT Brand Valu of Experience & Expertise in the Industry for a long time

Manjeet Singh ARN NO :3030 SAHARANPUR, 24 Jan 2020

The group exposure of Voda idea in Franklin is so huge that it has spilled over across all its debt schemes . The investors who had invested in short & ultra short funds have been exposed to the same kind of risk as in credit risk funds. Hard lessons learnt again. The debt category keeps mystifying both investors & distributors.

Sanjay Madhav Patil ARN NO :ARN-151733 Nashik, 22 Jan 2020

Please specify period in which probem is sorted out. Clients are getting panic.

Veena gokhale ARN NO :Arn-136167 Nahpur, 22 Jan 2020

Ulta short fund is showing - 6% returns to my investor,how do I convinced him to better returns with in 2 to 3 years

Veena gokhale ARN NO :Arn-136167 Nahpur, 22 Jan 2020

Ulta short fund is showing - 6% returns to my investor,how do I convinced him to better returns with in 2 to 3 years

Sandeep ARN NO :8180 Rajkot, 22 Jan 2020

Dear Sapre ji, its a bold step and in favour of existing investors. There is good interaction with debt fund manager but it is equally important to interact with Risk management team. To me your investment processes are very well documented and also communicated to distributors. First timers are always questioned!!

Dr. A S Harish ARN NO :95814/Genius Investments Priva Bangalore, 22 Jan 2020

Dear Mr. Sanjay Sapre, Good to see you in the media giving your perspective on this major issue. You are talking about fair valuation process and yes you have to make judgment on the valuation but should not give heart attacks to Investors and Distributors. This security has no collateral value but you guys have invested in majority of your debt schemes with the exception of equity schemes. Hope you have a clear investment process and on top of that you have a credit risk management team. As an advisor, I wanted to interact more with the risk management team than the fund manager. Competency and expertise will be tested only during tough times. Risk management head plays a major role than the fund manager as Debt schemes have huge asset liability mismatch. Investors can withdraw 100% of the investments at any time by paying prescribed exit loads.

R S P SINGH ARN NO :INV Navi Mumbai, 22 Jan 2020

Ask him the inflows in Ultra Short, since the marking down.

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